Our Architecture Philosophy

My philosophy on architectural photography is fairly simple. First, I follow the lead of the architect, developer, or business owner of the building I am capturing. When photographing for the architect, I try to get the story behind the design before I even take one photograph. The key is understanding the elements - the symbolism of a certain line here or there, or why they built a structure the way they did. Once I understand the architectural story, I can then begin the photography and lighting to pull the story out in photos.

With interior photography, the lighting choice is typically something I pick based on what the overall look should convey, as well as what available light is there in the room. Sometimes its best to photograph a room with the ambient available light to give the most natural look to the room as possible. Other times, I can add up to four lights in the space to properly photograph it and give light and shadows to the areas needed.

Shooting the exterior of a building is sometimes best at dusk, or even multiple times of the day. Depending on what the client (ie: architect or builder) wants to see, we may photograph it at morning, noon and again at dusk. The shadow lines on the building from early morning sun will give a completely opposite but necessary look than an evening shot with the interior lights glowing through windows and uplighting from the front lawn.

Architecture Packages

Due to the varying amount of time, location, and lighting needed to shoot- please inquire about pricing through email at info@skysightphotography.com 

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