Explanation of services

Commercial photography is vast. Everything from food to buildings are subjects of mine. Without going into an extremely deep dive, here is a quick overview of the services I provide.

Studio - our studio can provide headshots and product photography on a variety of backgrounds, surfaces, and utilize either natural light or studio strobes. 

On location - I will come to you to do your commercial headshots, food photography, action photos, architecture & product shots as well.

Headshots of staff – typically I find it is best to use the office or building itself as the backdrop for the headshots, rather than bringing a backdrop on location. But if you need/prefer to have a studio backdrop please let us know so we can arrange to bring one to your session. See more about headshot packages here.

Marketing photos of you and your staff working – these are crucial "action" images to help make your website really professional, and showcase what you do and what you sell (ie: your service) to potential clients. These images will likely be great "splash photos" which are used as background, header, and about/contact page images.

Product photographs – if you cook, create, manufacture, or make your product that you sell we can do product photography as well. Check out our product page for more information on packages.  See more about product photography here.

Architectural photographs When photographing for the architect, I try to get the story behind the design before I even take one photograph. The key is understanding the elements - the symbolism of a certain line here or there, or why they built a structure the way they did. Once I understand the architectural story, I can then begin the photography and lighting to pull the story out in photos. See more about architectural photography here.

Rates for a commercial shoot depend on how many of the above options you will need, amount of equipment we need to bring on location, how long the session will be, as well as distance/travel from our studio.

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