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Autumn Stankay, owner of SkySight Photography, was wonderful to work with for the recent marketing photography needs of my organization, The Westmoreland Museum of American Art. These needs included imagery for our newly redesigned website as well as promotional brochures and email communications. She was a great collaborative partner throughout the entire process and even helped us with securing volunteer models for one of the shoots. We are extremely happy with the quality of her work, and I would highly recommend her to other organizations and businesses for any commercial photography needs. Having high-quality images, especially active shots with people, is so important to make marketing materials and communications really come to life. It is terrific that we now have a full selection of these types of images to pull from for a variety of different usages, including our website.

-Claire Ertl, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, The Westmoreland Museum of American Art

Conveying the story of my work to my clients, future clients and the world is often only possible through photographs. Therefore, great photography is critical to the business life of an architect. Autumn Stankay and I met years ago, serving on a board where we learned each other’s goals and values about design, business and community. Once I hired her for the first project, it was quickly evident that we were going have a long-standing professional relationship, my preferred way of working. Her work presents my architecture in a complementary manner and she can interpret it consistent with my creative vision. We meet before each project and I share the concept and story of the project along with other details that will affect the photo shoot – lighting, desired views and details. From there, I let go and trust her creative eye, her photographic skill, and her professional demeanor on my project sites. Her abilities are quite versatile as she can move between portraits, landscapes and of course, architecture. She takes suggestions well from one creative to another, but I am always eager to see how she sees my work. She respects this is how my clients will see my work – through her talented eyes and ability to interpret. SkySight Photography is the only professional photographer I hire.

-Lee Calisti, Lee Calisti Architecture and Design

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Autumn Stankay and her SkySight Photography team have always exceeded our expectations for our businesses commercial photography needs. In the world of food, the perfect picture and image is more crucial now than ever before. Our family owns and operates a large ‘farm-to-table’ restaurant and a growing ‘farm-to-jar’ pickling and preserving company, our focus has always been to showcase our region’s rich agricultural community by offering seasonal foods grown and produced by local farmers and artisans. Autumn understands this passion and over the past decade has worked with us to build our image and brand, helping us to visually stand out throughout our industry. As fellow business owners we very much respect her high standards, hard work and dedication, attention to deadlines, and overall professionalism when working on projects. Through our many collaborations, Autumn has become someone who we look forward to working with as we grow our current businesses and begin to take on several new ventures. We would highly recommend Skysight Photography to any company for their business and commercial photography.

- Chef Greg Andrews, Owner-Operator, The Pickled Chef 'Pickling, Preserving & Canning Company' and The Farmhouse Chef 'Modern Meal Service featuring Local-Fresh Fare'

Promoting businesses and unique experiences available within the City of Greensburg is a component of our ThinkGreensburg marketing campaign. The Greensburg Community Development Corporation needs a commercial photographer capable of capturing images of food, clothing, people and buildings that we can use in print and online applications to achieve our desired outcome. The GCDC wants to inspire a resident or visitor to buy a handbag at a fashion boutique, to enjoy a craft cocktail and chef-inspired meal at a restaurant, and buy a commercial building on Main Street. I have no hesitation in hiring SkySight Photography to help us achieve our goal as Autumn Stankay’s professional services are instrumental in showcasing our businesses and community in the best possible light. Her sharp eye turns the mundane item into the desirable accessory or delicious treat. Working with SkySight Photography is enjoyable. After discussing the intended use of the photo, I give Autumn freedom to stage the plate or position a model as she believes best. To her credit, she willingly accepts suggestions when the photo is not coming together as needed. With over 15 opportunities to work with Autumn, I believe we make a great team consistently delivering the perfect photo for regional magazines and our publications, website and professional profiles.

- Steve Gifford, Greensburg Community Development Corporation

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I have worked with Autumn for the past 4-years and I can't say enough good things about her and her work. She is insanely talented and can always capture the spirit of a project. I admire how she takes my vision and brings it to life. Autumn's professionalism and skills behind the lens is top notch and I love the quality of her work! The flexibility she gives to accommodate my projects is so refreshing. I not only use Autumn's photography services for personal photo sessions but continue to work with her on commercial/editorial collaborations for my website and blog that constantly turn out above my expectations. I would recommend Autumn to anyone that is looking to work with not only a gifted photographer but a person who has a wonderful disposition. - Rose Angel Lopez, Design by Occasion

Autumn has been a pleasure to work with for all of our business photography needs. We are grateful for her keen eye, ability to gently direct, and her professionalism. We have been able to create a beautiful website using her photos and have also been able to reach a global audience because of her talent and creative abilities. Working with Autumn has been an integral part of our success. She has also been wonderful to work with for personal photography needs.

- Emily Andrews, LAc True Health and Fitness

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As a wedding planner, I am constantly urging my clients to choose the best vendors so that their wedding experience reflects the high-end quality that I like to associate my business with. For this reason, Autumn (Skysight Photography) is my #1 photographer recommendation to all my clients. She naturally exudes a relaxed and comfortable vibe that results in a great wedding day experience for my clients. She is also timely yet thorough with her shots, keeping the timeline on track. Perhaps the best indication of satisfaction, however, is seeing how excited brides and grooms get once they receive Autumn's photographs. She exceeds expectations EVERY time. She is one of the most talented photographers I have worked with and she is such a pleasure to work with.

- Teri McCort, Wedding Planner

We had multiple setups with several different models and Autumn gave us exactly what we wanted and more. She has a remarkable ability to capture people in a way that doesn't feel forced but also doesn't feel ordinary. I really enjoyed working with her.

- Brett Yasko, The Westmoreland Museum of American Art

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Love Autumn at Skysight Photography! I personally first met Autumn when she was the photographer at my wedding 10 + years ago. Simply going by a recommendation by a mutual friend I hired Autumn to shoot my wedding.... It was love at first sight (LOL !) She was amazing listening to all my wants and needs and my "eye blinking" problems, My photos are wonderful and my son loves to flip through the photos! So after the birth of my son, who better to take the photos than Autumn. So now fast forward to my latest project photography of Pastries. Yes, I am the GM for Priory Hospitality Group which owns Priory Fine Pastries, Priory Hotel, Pittsburgh's Grand Hall at the Priory and Mansions on Fifth. So when our latest project came about of taking photos of various Pastries I called Autumn at Skysight to inquire if she would be interested in shooting not so "live" figures but delectable ones. She worked with our bakery manager and we packed up and headed to Greensburg and her studio. We captured the most beautiful photos of wedding cakes, cookies, brownies, etc. We get so many rave review from reporters who publish articles about us. We even used the photos on the wrapping of a delivery van. So, now we cannot wait until her next venture and to see how we can use her on our next projects, be weddings, guest rooms, pastries or commercials for our next business spot!

- Rebecca Lazeration, The Priory Hotel

Skysight Photography helped bring our website to life. As a Digital Marketing Agency that deals with some high-end clients, it was important that every image on our site convey a sense of creativity, teamwork, and professionalism. Autumn Stankay at SkySight not only gave us more than we expected in terms of exceptional shots, she left with the praises of staff who were terrified of getting their pictures taken. Autumn made our photo shoot a fun day, and we will definitely have her back again and again as the need arises.

- Scot Noel, CME Websites

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