Autumn Stankay
How to Make the Most of your Headshot Session

Plan your Outfits


Consider your Grooming

Do your Nails - yes, this means guys too!

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Communicate with your Photographer

Quick Tips

Bring an Umbrella!

Put an umbrella by your front door the night before, if you wake up and its raining you dont want to get your hair or clothing wet on the way to the car or from our parking lot to our studio door.

View our Portfolio

Pick out a few photos on our website that you like before your session to show the photographer the style or backdrop you like.

101 Headshot Necessities

Pack in your bag to take with you - extra clothing, hairspray/gel, makeup, brush/comb, safety pins, bottle of water, and snacks.


Relax and Have Fun!


Not sure what to wear for your headshot ?

Read our blog on what you should consider when putting together your outfit(s) for your headshot session. We cover what you can do, what you should avoid, and other pro advice!
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